Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Okay, I just got a myspace blog post from my brother in law in California. He is engaged. In the post, he says he had already told everyone, and that they are excited. He didn't tell me. I wish he had called.

I am excited for him. I guess it's the sadness that Pat isn't here to see Billy get married. And Billy is in another place across the country. And except for emails sometimes, I am pretty cut off from them. Yes, I don't want to have much to do with some people, but they are cool. I dearly love Cheri and Brian. They have helped me through a lot. Billy and Danny- well they didn't even call Pat in the hospital, and never came until the night he died, and I think that hurts them a lot. It hurts even more, because we helped them out a lot. We hired Danny and paid him a lot of money to help out. Billy did a lot of work for Pat too. Also, I was the one running down to Brome Howard late at night to take him to work, and pick him up, along with Danny. I just really feel cut off, like because I didn't let some people get away with things, I lost everyone.

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