Monday, March 31, 2008

Slow Mondays

Ok, I really hate slow Mondays. Fridays are usually pretty busy here, but this past Friday was slow, so there was no layover work for Monday. Erin is tired because she didn't get back from Phily until 1am. I am tired because I went to bed at 11 pm, and woke up at 3am on the dot. And Ed, well, he already has his toes in the sand on St. Croix.

At least if it were sunny, it wouldn't be so bad. But it is dreary, half raining, and cool. Not cold, just annoyingly cool.

So many things going on this week and the last couple of weeks.
  1. Kathie's twins are getting ready to graduate from high school. Well, Kara is already done, but Dani is graduating. I wish I could go out there for it. I had promised, but I was there at Thanksgiving the last two years, and have a wedding here the same weekend. I would prefer graduation in New Mexico, but Kathie's family is coming out, and they have never been there. She needs some time with them. I am sad though, because I won't get to see them this summer. It seems only yesterday, Kathie was telling me she was having twins, and my mom and I were laughing so hard.
  2. My friends, Lisa and Dave, are finally going to get to bring their son home from Children's Hospital. He is finally of weight and off all medicines, and doing great. The girls are so excited. They were bouncing off the walls in class yesterday. Way to go, JP. Amen and thanks to God!
  3. It's finally Spring! Wow! Finally-well maybe. It's still a little cold. But the flowers are blooming. Jenny Hollingsworth and I are already planning on heading to the Free Plant Swap at Sotterley Plantation.
More later

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