Monday, April 28, 2008

Ok, this is Danny(Pat's brother) with Cheri (Pat's sister) and Billy (Pat's youngest brother) in the back, Molly's boyfriend (Dave?), Kevin (Cheri's husband) , Molly (Pat's cousin from Rhode Island) Nick (in back) and Sam (in front). Right after we moved into the house!

This is the clan, right after we moved into our first house. Danny and Billy, Pat's little brothers are behind me. I am leaning on Pat. Molly (Pat's cousin) and her boyfriend, are standong next to Kevin, Cheri's husband. Sam is next to Pat and Nick is in Molly's arms. Cheri took the photo.

Blair and Me, when he visited for dinner, April of 06.

Some of my youth group kids, playing in the leaves with their siblings at the Chapel, during the Thanksgiving Dinner, Fall of 06.

My CCD class this year. Kindergarten.

Me, Nathan, Caroline holding Alyson, Andrew, Maria Isable, and Lexie!

Kathie and Tommy's kids, Dani Heather, Colton, and Kara Noelle

Mom and Dad, Rena, Riley, and Rachel, at Blair's house in Georgia.
My house in the snow. Fall of 2005, right after we moved it!

Aurora, Herman, Willow, and Boxcar.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok, this is the whole family, taken December 26th, in Georgia at Blair's house. Me, Mom and Dad, Blair and Leigh, Rachel (in Blair's arms) Riley (with Leigh) and Rena with Leigh's dog, Max.
This was something Mom kept saying she wanted, a picture of all of us together. Now she has it.