Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dying eggs

I decided that I really wanted to dye eggs this year. It was a blast, even if I was alone. I did a dozen normally...planned to go back and decorate them, and did a dozen cracking them, and soaking them in dye over night. Both groups turned out beautifully!!!!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cassie is loving the catnip!!!!

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Saturday Morning quest... Today, I decided I really wanted to go to the Farmers Market, Homegrown Market, on Hermanville. A really awesome place! I slept till about 8...emailed back and forth with my favorite Organic Dairy farmer, and then headed to the market with Trinity. Beautiful herbs, veggies....lots of friends!!! I could go broke there, and the season hasn't really even started. I got spinach and catnip from the Sasscers, onions and bread from the Trossbachs, and the Dill, Napini, parsley and chervil from Even Star Farm. Yummmmy!!!  After that, I headed up to Loveville, to Mahlon Stauffers to get flowers. Two big pots of purple Wave Petunias, a pot of pansies, a pot of Gerber Daisies, and a porch pot of lettuces. A quick stop to Zimmerman for asparagus, and now I am home. Eggs are on. Country style spare ribs are marinating in Cowboy Spice Rub and Woodpecker cider. When I am ready to cook them, i'll put them on the grill with Wild Turkey bbq sauce. YUMMY!!!!! And way too much fun watching the babies explore the catnip!

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Ok...home now. Friday night. BRRRRR!!!!!!!  Chilly!!! I got home, got my stuff out, and curled up to watch tv and chill. Watched Dollhouse episode 2. Pretty cool!!! Critters were all curled up around me. Ahhhhh this is definitely a good thing!

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Friday night

Ok...its Good Friday. A day of prayer and reflection....and work. The store was busy, and I was there alone. Ed and Sue were away. I remained as calm as possible... Once work was over, as soon as I could, I headed out. After talking to Mom and Christine, I decided to dye some eggs.... I really wanted to dye some eggs. Everyone has been posting ideas for Easter eggs. So...I decided to stop at Target to get stuff for eggs. I discovered that egg dye is not expensive at all, just $1.50 per box. would have been cheaper, had I not found other things I wanted to buy. Oh will be fun.

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Finding My Own Happiness

Ok...after some absolutely crazy weeks, I am making a concerted effort to relax this weekend, stop and smell the flowers, and do some things I want to do. I'll update my progress as it goes....thinking that I will expand it into next week.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's been a rough few months here....lots of changes, and maybe more to come. 

Work....well, Erin was leaving, so Livi was hired, and then Livi left, and Erin was still here, so she came back, but then she had some problems she had to work out, and now she's gone. Sue's mom died, so she's been dealing with that since before January 1st, and the funeral was last week. Her birthday is tomorrow, so Ed has her in Atlantic City to to get her mind off of things. critters...Aurora and Boxcar died within a week of each other this fall. I still dont know which was harder to deal with, Aurora who was such a shock, and so fast, or Boxcar, who I tried my best to save, and in the end, it wasnt to be. Raley....the newby who was left in front of Mary and Ray's house...what a blessing she has been. She's funny, and happy go lucky, and cheerful, and playful...and so loving and super smart. She keeps Herman running, and has become Trinity's faithful friend. Herman....King Herman. He is firmly King charge of the house. Trinity is his partner...but Cassie and Raley definitely listen to him. He just looks to Trinity to be the muscle. proud of her. She has been incredibly wonderful!!! She adjusted to Raley so well. Trin has become quite the traveler and adaptor. She has now been to NY 6 times, PA once, Frederick- 3 times, Mom and Dad's- too many to count, Brian and MB's-twice, and GA-twice. She now comes back when called, or when I tap the horn, she's allowed to run at the Landing, unless there are others there. She swims after crabs, and sticks and more, and she's the dearest sweetest dog ever!!!!

The house....finally getting a few things done that I've wanted to do for a while. I got the spare bedroom mostly cleaned out of Pat's stuff. Still have some to go, and I'd really like to find a new home elsewhere for the desk monstrosity....elsewhere like the landfill, or a yardsale...or something like that. We'll see.

I've gotten into way too many blanket, socks, big blanket knit along, cross stitch, so so so much more. And its kind of gotten out of hand. So...I say more for now. (Of course, I will probably stop on the way home.) Thats not even including a few quilts....and photos....tons of photos.

I am trying to decide what to do this weekend. Because of some problems earlier in the week, I am not going to be able to go to NC. Mom and Dad are upset....very upset. Maybe later...I hope. I am thinking if it's nice, maybe Trin and I will drive up to Great Falls, or something like that. I dont know.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Upcoming projects

Ok, thinking this might be one of my upcoming projects.... My friend Tina wants me to make several of them for her.