Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Morning quest... Today, I decided I really wanted to go to the Farmers Market, Homegrown Market, on Hermanville. A really awesome place! I slept till about 8...emailed back and forth with my favorite Organic Dairy farmer, and then headed to the market with Trinity. Beautiful herbs, veggies....lots of friends!!! I could go broke there, and the season hasn't really even started. I got spinach and catnip from the Sasscers, onions and bread from the Trossbachs, and the Dill, Napini, parsley and chervil from Even Star Farm. Yummmmy!!!  After that, I headed up to Loveville, to Mahlon Stauffers to get flowers. Two big pots of purple Wave Petunias, a pot of pansies, a pot of Gerber Daisies, and a porch pot of lettuces. A quick stop to Zimmerman for asparagus, and now I am home. Eggs are on. Country style spare ribs are marinating in Cowboy Spice Rub and Woodpecker cider. When I am ready to cook them, i'll put them on the grill with Wild Turkey bbq sauce. YUMMY!!!!! And way too much fun watching the babies explore the catnip!

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