Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I had a really tough day today. Frustrating day....lots going on at the store, too much going on. So many jobs I couldnt really even think. All the machines were running at once...shades of Kinko's, when I used to be so proud of the fact that I could handle 5 machines at once...it just didnt work that well today. I guess the store isnt organized for that type of system.

Anyway, I was even more frustrated because I am tired of always helping everyone else at work, but when I ask for something, I end up being put at the bottom of the list. I asked months ago, for days off, scheduled them around everyone else's schedules and deadlines, covered everyone else's time off, and now, I am having to deal with having to go to work on a day I was supposed to be off....silly, I know, to be so upset, but you know....I help all of them out. All the time...cover for everyone else. I just need a break. I even worked through being sick...only took time off for one doctor's visit, when I was told I had to go, worked through blizzards, vacations, and lots of sickness. I need a break sometimes too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We had a kitten years ago, when we lived on the farm, that one of the neighbors had turned out. He was pretty unsocialized, and very much a whiner. This kitten really liked my husband though, but we already had too many cats. Around this time, my husband's grandfather passed away after a long illness, and everyone just needed something to cuddle, so they held this kitten. He was passed from person to person, and even curled up with the nephews in front of the tv. Well, my husband, who was ill, was unable to travel to the funeral in Rhode Island, but coordinated everything from afar. The morning after everyone returned, probably because of the release of so much tension, my husband's sugar collapsed. This kitten was going nuts....running all over my husband on the bed. I didnt know what was wrong with the cat, but had to put it in a cage to call 911. Same thing happened about 2 weeks later, when the kitten woke me in the middle of the night. My husband was in the kitchen, confused, because his sugars were low. The third time, the kitten woke me up, I made my husband check his sugars, and sure enough.... We decided to keep the cat, and now he is a healthy, rambunctious, 5 year old boy, my best buddy. Although my husband passed away several years ago, Herman does his best to look out for me, like he did before!!! I have never regretted for a moment, keeping him!!
Herman's best and dearest friend in the world is Trinity, my dog. They share food dishes, clean each other, and Herman usually curls up right beside Trinity. When Trin gets up early in the morning, to head outside, Herman jumps right up with her. They even share opposite ends of bones at times!!!!