Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I had a really tough day today. Frustrating day....lots going on at the store, too much going on. So many jobs I couldnt really even think. All the machines were running at once...shades of Kinko's, when I used to be so proud of the fact that I could handle 5 machines at once...it just didnt work that well today. I guess the store isnt organized for that type of system.

Anyway, I was even more frustrated because I am tired of always helping everyone else at work, but when I ask for something, I end up being put at the bottom of the list. I asked months ago, for days off, scheduled them around everyone else's schedules and deadlines, covered everyone else's time off, and now, I am having to deal with having to go to work on a day I was supposed to be off....silly, I know, to be so upset, but you know....I help all of them out. All the time...cover for everyone else. I just need a break. I even worked through being sick...only took time off for one doctor's visit, when I was told I had to go, worked through blizzards, vacations, and lots of sickness. I need a break sometimes too.

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