Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poppop and Dad's farm...another peaceful place...

The driveway was always an exciting moment...pulling up this road.....

This was the view...what a change from going to school in the city. I could breathe there, didnt have a ton of people around, could be free. This was the place where I fit in, belonged, because I never felt like I belonged anywhere else. Even at school, my priorities were so different from everyone else's.... and noone ever understood it.

My dad and my great uncle Carlisle built these barns in the 1950's, after my grandfather bought the farm. I can remember when I was little, and the office was in there. Uncle Bobby and Dad would sit at a table there, and plan out where everyone was supposed to go. Later, after the red building was built, these barns were used for storage, and it was always a great adventure to see what we would discover!!! We always found barn cats and horseshoes and all kinds of other goodies!

Since it was bought by the State of Maryland to expand the Tridelphia Reservoir in the middle 80's, its pretty overgrown, but even in this state, its still beautiful, even in the dead of winter.

I remember when Pepco was putting up these towers. I was maybe around 6 or 7 at the time. They just seemed to me at the time to be the
biggest tallest thing ever!!!!

This was the bluff right as you made the last turn to head up the hill to the office. My dad said that many mornings he would see deer here, but I only ever saw them once. In front of the rocks was the old Spring House. We were always told to stay away from it, because snakes hung out in it.

When I showed all these pictures to my dad, they started a flood of his memories...among them, that, when the farm was bought, he and my uncles had to push down what remained of a Civil War era mansion that stood right around this spot. I wish I had known that years would have been fun to explore and see what remained of the bricks or pottery....

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