Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Outer Banks in Winter

I got to spend a week at my parents' house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Lots of fun, playing with dogs, and relaxing.
The Outer Banks in the winter is a far different place than during the summer. The tourists are gone, and the natives and locals (there is a difference) have a chance to relax and visit. The scenery is beautiful....peaceful, tranquil, but chilly.

In the South, even in the winter, there are flowers that bloom. One of my favorites always blooms around Christmas, my mom's Camellia bush. Its beautiful!

The swans arrive every fall, usually after November 10th. They're beautiful, majestic, and graceful as they glide down the Currituck Sound...but dont come near them. As beautiful as they are, they are nasty, and will attack.

Its very peaceful there, a far cry from the beaches filled with tourists, junk shops, airplanes towing banners, things like that. And when you look out across the sound, you think that, for the most part, its pretty close to what it looked like hundreds of years ago, when the first settlers were at the Lost Colony, or when the Wright Brothers made their first flights, all those years ago.....and its my favorite time of year there.

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