Friday, January 25, 2008

Patrick's Obituary for University of Maryland

I am really proud of this. I edited the original one, and now it is going to be in the University of Maryland Ag Institute Newsletter.

Patrick Michael Lloyd, 41, died Tuesday June 27, 2006 of heart failure, following a long battle with kidney disease. He was survived by his wife of 6 years, Marti Middleton Lloyd, his parents Paul and Sherry Lloyd, maternal grandmother Florence Gee, brother Brian Lloyd with his wife Mary Beth and children Kacey, Hanna, Haley, and Cameron, sister Cheri L. Williams with her husband Kevin and children Samuel and Nickolas, brothers Daniel and William Lloyd, and many cousins and close friends.

Patrick was interested in agriculture from his earliest childhood. He loved raising chickens and goats. He worked at Thompson's Orchard in Great Mills, MD and loved it. While at Great Mills High School in Great Mills, he was asked what he wanted to be and responded "Farmer". The teacher told him that he needed to go to college to learn about farming, so that became his goal. He won the Senatorial scholarship from Senator Bernie Fowler in 1982. He was a graduate of the University of Maryland, Institute of Applied Agriculture 1984 , as well as the College of Agriculture 1988. He was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho as well as the Agriculture Student Council. He was most proud of his work planning the annual Ag Day programs at College Park. During college, Patrick worked in research at the US Department of Agriculture in fly research and helped with Agriculture exhibits. He was very proud to say that he paid for his college education himself, often having three or more part time jobs to cover his expenses. After college, he operated his family's farm in St. Mary's County, raising hogs and vegetables, and specialized in market goats. Patrick was one of the first to have Boer stock in the county, having realized their value to the meat goat consumers. He operated a very successful produce stand in front of the family farm, specializing in sweet corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins. He also worked at the Cooperative Extension as a nutrient management consultant in Charles and Prince George's Counties, helping to usher in the era of the tobacco buyout and mandatory nutrient management. He worked with local
4-H clubs, helping at overnight camps, as well as with livestock projects, and judging vegetables. He remained active on the Alumni Board of Alpha Gamma Rho until 2000. He was past president of the Young Farmers in St. Mary's County, and was active in the St. Mary's Farm Bureau, as well as the State Farm Bureau. He was the founding president of the Southern Maryland Market Goat Association, and was very active in getting 4H involved in goat projects. He was always willing to answer questions about goats, speak in front of groups, or do anything to educate children about agriculture.

Patrick was a devout Roman Catholic. He attended Mass at St. Nicholas Chapel, at NAS Patuxent River, and taught Confirmation for 16 years, as well as other classes. He also worked extensively with the Middle School youth group. One of the last youth group events he was able to attend was a Farm Day at his parents' farm which he planned, combining religion with Agriculture education.

Even when he was in pain or tired, he was always more concerned about other people and how they were doing. He always had a smile on his face. He loved his Church, his family, his friends, and his animals. He was always willing to help friends, and took great pride in taking care of those who were important to him, often telling them he had broad shoulders. His legacy can be seen in the children and young adults whose lives he affected throughout his life. He was greatly loved, and is definitely missed.

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