Monday, January 28, 2008

I love my animals. Trinity is the greatest dog. She is so smart, and her devotion to me borders on obsession.

Herman, my largest cat, is such a trip. He is King, and acts like it. He is the one who instigates trouble, and sits back to watch. He loves his puppy and thinks he is a dog.

Aurora, our gray female, is moody, but sweet when she wants to be. She is always the one to greet me first thing when I get home. She would be happiest being only cat. She was Pat's baby, and loved him totally. She was also a bottle baby.

Boxcar is my bubba cat. Too funny. He loves being outside, chasing bugs, etc, and then comes inside for the litter box and food. Then sleep and electric blanket. He usually curls up by myhead or as close as possible.

Willow, my Willow, is so sweet and kind. She loost her eye courtesy of Aurora as a little kitten, and has never looked back. She loves Trin and Herman, and is my companion cat. Aurora still chases her some, but Willow has learned to stick with Trinity and Herman. She loves to play, especially in water, and can turn on ANY faucet! She is also my most talkative cat. She is Herman's daughter, and looks so much like him.

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